Distributor Search

You might be a fast-expanding, medium sized company working either with a mixture of your own subsidiaries and distributors, or exclusively through a distributor network. Or you might be a small company that is growing fast but with little or no experience of expanding into new territories. Whichever it is, if you want to either enter totally new countries or you want to change from your existing distributor its a good idea to find knowledgable, well-connected advice. Relying on chance meetings at Trade Shows or suggestions from friends or colleagues is often simply not enough and you can waste valuable time and money talking to the wrong partner.

Valdez Consulting has a long history of providing strong support in this area through its extensive contact network and in-house database. We can get things moving quickly and professionally. The sooner you set up new partnerships the sooner you can bring new sources of growth into your business.

At a topline level we:

  1. Work with you to understand your business objectives and product portfolio
  2. Prepare a strong business case, appropriate to the relevant countries
  3. Develop a long-list and then a short-list of candidates, making initial contact on your behalf (we control your identity and confidentiality as required)
  4. After a full screening and prioritisation process we introduce you to the selected candidate
  5. We either hand over to you or continue to support you right through to the end of the negotiation process, as you require.

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