“Think Global, Act Local!”. We all know the phrase but is it really possible? Surveys indicate that 95% of Chief Marketing Officers are not happy with the balance between their global and local marketing teams. Yet the benefits of getting it right are clear: large synergies through scale effects, greater brand consistency and the chance to test & develop talent across the region.

Glocalizer is a new operating model for consumer product organisations that work across borders. Through re-assessing how our client’s do marketing across borders, providing a suite of tools & processes and building a “network that networks” we can maximise the benefits and minimise the necessary compromises of running an international brand portfolio


In short, through Glocalizer we:

  • Conduct a full audit of your current pan-regional marketing organisation, reporting back on strengths and weaknesses and benchmarking against your peers
  • Recommend a new network structure, including clear roles and responsibilities, and providing a suite of tools and processes (adapted to your own marketing processes)
  • Bring alive the new network organisation through one-to-one and group training, defining team communication and incentivisation

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